Laurel Heights


A realistic interpretation of refined travertine, Laurel Heights produced with Reveal Imaging™ for exceptional compatibility. A soft structured surface detail provides both visual and tactile appeal, complemented by high variation for a more natural appearance. The color palette offers a fresh take on traditional neutrals: Elevated Beige, Gray Summit, Brown Pinnacle, and Charcoal Crest.


Laurel Heights CharcoalCrest_result          Laurel Heights ElevatedBeige_result

Charcoal Crest                                                            Elevated Beige


Laurel Heights GraySummit_result          Laurel Heights BrownPinnacle_result

Gray Summit                                                             Brown Pinnacle


Avaliable in 18×18

Box = 8 pcs = 18 sf
Pl = 24 bxs = 432 sf