New close out quarry 6×6 metropolitan ceramics

Made in USA in Ohio. Nice quality quarry tile. Has ridges on surface. called Metrotread

from their website:

Added Slip Resistance
METRO TREAD® features nine raised treads across the surface of each tile and spaced 5/8″ apart for added slip resistance. METRO TREAD® has a coefficient of friction of 0.90 dry and 0.70 wet at time of manufacture and is suitable for heavy traffic areas subject to frequent spills and moisture.


download the salesheet

technically superior characteristics. More on their website

13 pallets total. ~approx 7000sqft
6 x 6 Mayflower Red Metro Tread
Box=28pcs=7 sqft
Box=70bxs=490 sqft


Call 800-882-6071 for samples or fill the form below.

Sample Request Metro Tread

Please fill out this form to request a sample. Or you can always call us at (800) 882-6071


  1. one of the concerns does the health department pass? I will have to find out.

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