What We Do
Summit Tile is a wholesale tile distribution company servicing western United States. We strive to offer good value and decent service through sampling, displays and quick response time.  Summit Tile warehouses over a million square feet in porcelain, wall tile, specialty items, and stone in Anaheim, CA.

 Mission: to provide good value tiles to flooring dealers.

Summit Tile is a wholesale flooring distribution company founded on May 2010 specializing in imported floor tile, stones and closeouts. Summit Tile maintains over 1 million square feet of tile in 2 warehouses ensuring decent supply.  Talented and flexible team ready to work with you.

Our Leadership Team

Toan Ngo, lead customer service
Toan believes and is learning about the triple bottom line.  Toan likes technology and how to use it for the greater good.  His interests are architecture and bicycles.

You can learn more about Toan Ngo here:

Twitter | Facebook | Flickr | LinkedIn | toanjuan.com

Summit Tile and sister company Pacificland shows and warehouses 72,000sqft of tile which you can count on immediate delivery and selection for your projects.

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